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Vector Concrete Textures FREE Sampler Pack

Phil Goodwin
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This is a FREE SAMPLER PACK of Vector Concrete Textures, available at my Creative Market Store.

Available Packs:

These grungy textures were created using photographs I shot around my [downright awesome] hometown of Athens, GA.

What You'll Get In this Free Sampler Pack:

  • 6 Total Vector Textures
  • 3 Different Textures (1 from each of the 3 available packs: Light, Medium & Heavy)
  • 2 Variations of Each Texture (a "knockout" & "spray" version)
  • 6 High Resolution Transparent PNG Files @ 300dpi
  • 6 High Resolution Bitmap TIFF Files @ 300dpi
  • 6 Individual EPS Files
  • 1 Multipage PDF Preview of All Textures (find what you're looking for quickly)

[TUTORIAL] VIDEO: Designing a t-shirt using Vector Concrete Textures | Pack 1Ā 

[TUTORIAL] VIDEO: Designing a t-shirt using Vector Concrete Textures | Pack 2

Although created in vector format, this pack includes everything you'll need to make use of these textures within raster-based programs. Import any of the EPS files into Photoshop as Smart Objects and maintain their vector awesomeness.

Vector textures can be processor intensive in their native environment (Adobe Illustrator) because they are made up of many points; *however*, I've included high resolution Bitmap TIFFs that can be dragged-and-dropped directly into Illustrator without the need for a lot of processing power. And yes, you will still be able to customize color and size of the texture. If you're a t-shirt designer, you might find you have a new friend in Bitmap TIFFs šŸ˜Ž.



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Vector Concrete Textures FREE Sampler Pack

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